Diabetic Foot Assessment

Your Feet Can Last A Lifetime

Diabetic Foot Assessment

Our doctors are experienced health care providers of comprehensive diabetic foot management – from initial screening and assessment to the treatment of diabetes related foot complications.

Patients with diabetes may face a unique set of challenges which often require specialized care to prevent or recognize and treat. Foot screening to identify potential risk and implement preventive measures is of utmost importance. Research has shown that podiatry assessment and screening can reduce the development of ulceration by 15 per cent and hospitalizations by 17 per cent in persons with diabetes. 1 Many diabetes-related foot complications are predictable, preventable, and treatable.

If you have diabetes don’t ignore your feet! If you have a foot problem such as a non-healing sore or ulcer do not delay in getting the wound checked and treated. Learn and understand what your risk is for future foot complications and what you can do to lower your risk. Your feet can last a lifetime.

Successful management of diabetes related foot complications often requires a team approach involving a podiatrist, vascular specialist, endocrinologist, infectious disease specialist, family doctor, and nurse. From initial screening and assessment to risk-lowering, preventive care to treatment of complications, the doctors at Burrard Podiatry will guide your foot care.

1. Carls, Ginger S., PhD, et al. “The Economic Value of Specialized Lower-Extremity Medical Care by Podiatric Physicians in the Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers.” Journal of American Podiatric Medical Association 101. (2) (2011): 93-115. Print.

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