Foot Care Services

Foot Care Services

A referral from your doctor is not necessary, but preferred. We accept new patients.

Our team of foot doctors have extensive training and experience in caring for your feet, from examination to diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Yung accepts referral of children for their foot care needs.

At Burrard Podiatry we look forward to taking care of your feet.

Assessment and Diagnosis

Get your feet checked! Checkup and examination can detect early signs of disease or infection.

Emergency Foot Care

Burrard Podiatry provides emergency management and treatment for acute injuries, foot infections, gout attack or diabetes related foot complications.

Foot Surgery Consultation

Our doctors are experienced in operative and non operative foot care.

Orthotics and Sports Medicine

Our goal is to keep you mobile and get you back to your activities.

Diabetic Foot Assessment

Our doctors are experienced health care providers of comprehensive diabetic foot management – from initial screening and assessment to the treatment of diabetes related foot complications.

Get Your Feet Checked

No referral necessary.

Our Passion Is Keeping You Moving