Heel Pain

Heel Pain

Heel pain can be debilitating and unpredictable. All too often people with heel pain are presumed to have “plantar fasciitis”; however, there are many causes of heel pain other than plantar fasciitis.

Treatment for heel pain begins with a history and physical examination and diagnosis. Detailed investigations such as MRI or other tests may be necessary to confirm the cause. Once the cause of your heel pain is established, the doctors at Burrard Podiatry can offer a full range of heel pain treatments tailored to your specific condition.

There are new treatments for some causes of heel pain such as microtenotomy. Our doctors are experienced with newer treatments for heel pain.

Orthotics and shoes are often integral to the management of heel pain. There are many different considerations and options in prescribing the correct orthotic. Orthotic considerations may include off the shelf (non-custom) versus custom orthotics, which are made from a plaster casting of your feet. Equally as important as the orthotic, is the correct type of shoe to work with the orthotic. Shoe recommendations and prescriptions are commonly provided by our doctors in conjunction with orthotics.

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